Social Enterprise

Fundamental shifts happening in the world are having a huge impact on how we design, build and interact with applications:

  • Mobility has changed how we access applications and data. We have gotten used to having all of our apps and data at our fingertips, no matter where we are.
  • The social revolution has changed how we connect and collaborate with each other.
  • Applications, platforms, and databases are all moving to the cloud with proven benefits in agility, simplicity, and openness.

While we can all relate to the social trends in our personal lives, there is still a large divide between what we’ve gotten used to at home and the reality of the applications we use in the workplace. Many leading companies have bridged this divide by building integrated social and mobile applications for their employees, partners, and customers. These applications provide a level of collaboration and productivity that delights users, and the result is transformational for the business. This is called the Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprise - The time is now

The Social Enterprise is the future of business success. The social Web is changing the way we live and work—and that, in turn, is fundamentally changing our expectations of how we communicate and engage not only with other people, but also with companies and organizations. Facebook fan pages are the new corporate website. Twitter, SMS, and blogs are supplanting email as the go-to marketing channels. Internal social networks are winning out over intranets.

Gain a competitive advantage

Social media is dramatically changing how we connect, share, and collaborate. It’s time to transform your business for this new reality. To engage in new ways with customers, employees, and everyone that matters to your business.

Know your customers like never before

You already have contact information for your customers and prospects, but wouldn't it be great to really understand who they are and what they like? Create a social profile with information from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and get a complete picture so you know exactly what people want and expect.

Rapidly connect and share with colleagues

Shouldn't it be easier to get answers and feedback, find experts, and share information at work? An employee social network breaks down barriers, elevates good ideas, keeps processes moving, and helps everyone work more collaboratively and productively.

  • Collaborate in real time - work smarter and faster with your own private, secure enterprise social network
  • Work better, together - keep employees focused, recognize great work, and provide ongoing feedback and coaching
  • Extend with custom apps - deploy custom social apps in record time

Make every customer interaction social

Social networks have completely changed the conversation between companies and their customers. With customer social networks, you can connect your customers to your brand and your employees so you can uncover new opportunities and build trust.

  • Sell in the new social era - as a Social Enterprise, it will become easier to find product and competitive experts, track leads and deals, and close more business
  • Deliver social customer service - deliver next-generation customer service—today—across every channel, from your website to Twitter to the call center.
  • Publish fresh content - deliver fresh, relevant content in real time everywhere including corporate, social, and mobile sites.

Engage everyone with social experiences

Billions of conversations and interactions happen online every week. Public social networks give you insight into what people are saying about your brand on social sites so you can deliver unique experiences and products that delight your customers, prospects, and partners.

  • Listen and learn - by mining social media conversations for valuable insight to craft more effective and targeted campaigns
  • Engage through social apps - by deploying mobile and social marketing apps and sites—like Facebook pages
  • Make your products social - by building social connections between your customers, your products, and your company

Implementing Social Enterprise Solutions

We have developed and integrated a rich set of cloud and social applications on the platform. Powered by we have created private social network for enterprises. We have developed seamless integration business processes and applications with popular social sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin.

We can enable access to your data from an application or establish a secure stream of updates to a mobile device. We’ve implemented automated tuning, scaling, backups and recovery for complex business environments with multiple applications. The data you choose to enable via your social network can easily and securely be shared with your ecosystem.