ExaCharts for NetSuite

Analyze the trends in your business like a Rock Star! ExaCharts for NetSuite provides an easy to define interface and rapid visualization of any NetSuite transactional data.

Rapid visualization means you can drag and drop ExaCharts right into your NetSuite dashboard. You can pick and choose from a list of chart types or simply visualize the data in a grid or tabular format. And right from the dashboard you can drilldown into the transaction details in real-time.

All your transaction data, processing and rendering is done within NetSuite. ExaCharts provides an easy to use UI to define as many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and views as needed to analyze the various trends in your business. Personalize your dashboard with different time periods, chart types and re-render in a few seconds. Print or download ExaCharts directly into your presentations or board meeting reports and be a rock star in front of your management.


  • Easy UI to define your KPIs
  • Rapid rendering
  • Real-time drilldown to transactions
  • Native NetSuite look and feel
  • Personalized views
  • Multiple chart types


  • Provides a quick and easy way to analyze trends in your business.
  • All your data stays with-in NetSuite and processing is native.
  • Define KPIs and reports for all levels - ranging from CEO to accounting team.
  • Changes to accounting can be rapidly reflected in ExaCharts KPIs.
  • Easy to Print / download ExaCharts into your presentations, board meeting reports etc.

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