Custom Apps and Sites

Develop Cloud Apps & Sites: You no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure and middleware stack to build your customer business processes - Move them to the Cloud.

Let us build your cloud apps

With, Heroku cloud platforms, cloud database and Siteforce Content Management System, enterprises can rapidly build scalable and elastic custom business processes and applications on the cloud. Cloud platforms enable developers to focus on the business rules and application logic by abstracting away many aspects of middleware/infrastructure management and scaling. offers an extremely powerful, scalable, and secure platform for application development. It delivers a complete technology stack covering the ground from database and security to workflow and user interface—so that we can focus on assembling, building, and instantly deploying solutions. As a result, custom application development is made possible without the headaches and expense of buying, configuring, and managing development hardware and software.

Unlike separately designed hardware and software products, speeds innovation through a powerful yet easy-to-use application development and deployment model. We can easily develop and then immediately deploy solutions to the cloud-based infrastructure. lets us implement business logic with workflow rules, approval processes, and custom code. And can store structured data, support Web browsers and mobile devices, integrate with other applications, do reporting and analytics, and scale up or down—all with the sub-second response time, high availability, and security that we need to run business applications.

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Herokucloud application platform

Heroku (pronounced her-OH-koo) is a cloud application platform. Heroku provides a platform as a service (PAAS) for building, deploying, and running cloud apps using Ruby. The architecture of Heroku platform includes tools for deployment and management, a runtime for scalability, fault tolerance, and an add-ons system for extending the capabilities of the platform.

On the Heroku platform we can build Social Enterprise applications and engage your customers in a powerful way that will fuel and accelerate your business growth.

Learn more at scalable cloud database is a powerful and scalable cloud database for building social and mobile applications.

Fundamental shifts happening in the world are having a huge impact on how we design, build and interact with applications:

  • Mobility has changed how we access applications and data. Billions of mobile devices are bought each year. As consumers, we have gotten used to having all of our apps and data at our fingertips, no matter where we are.
  • The social revolution has changed how we connect and collaborate with each other. 22% of Internet time is spent on social applications like Twitter and Facebook. The number of social application users, now more than 1.1 billion, surpassed email users back in 2009.
  • Cloud has arrived. Applications, platforms, and databases are all moving to the cloud with proven benefits in agility, simplicity, and openness.

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Exafort cloud applications and platform expertise

Exafort engineers are experienced in building powerful applications in and Heroku cloud platforms to extend and automate your business processes or even build stand alone complex business applications needed to run your business.

We have extensive experience in Agile development methodologies combined with cloud platforms experience, which enables us to deliver incremental functionality with releases cycles spanning less than 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Components for integrating with on-premise systems (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft)
  • Components for integrating with Cloud services (Netsuite, Google Apps)
  • Custom applications (quoting tools, proposal generator, customer evaluations tracking system)

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