Wow! your customers by providing world-class service

  • Provide world class service
  • Get information at your finger-tips
  • Solve customer problems rapidly
  • Provide support on-demand
  • Be cost-effective

Provide world class customer service. Get accurate information into your finger-tips - about your customers, what they bought, trouble shoot problems faster, engage your back-end team on-demand into your support process.

How do you ensure that you are providing your customers 360° and 365 days year round support services? How do you ensure that information shared across the various departments and levels of your organization are consistent? Where can you find one place to track everything about your customers?

Most modern ERP & CRM products can provide basic tools out-of-the-box. But can you provide world class customer support service with tools right out-of-the-box. The key is to implement and configure your ERP & CRM system to meet your business specific needs. Setting up your business specific rules, work-flows, alerts and notifications is very vital.

A well implemented and integrated ERP & CRM system for your business is the truly functional environment where you can call / email your customers as well as look-up their entitlements and contracts. To do this you need a team of experts who have a strong understanding of your business as well as the deep technical expertise in the ERP & CRM systems. At Exafort we have this combination of domain / business experience and the deep technical knowledge to setup and configure your ERP & CRM systems and processes that will help you "WOW!" your customers.

Check out our ERP & CRM solutions. Contact us and find out how we can help you Wow! your customers.