Accelerate cloud adoption across your business

  • Develop cloud strategy
  • Prepare for the shift
  • Assess candidate processes
  • Define roadmap
  • Execute project

Google Apps,, Amazon have made rapid advancements, just in the past one year. Don't be left behind, Exafort has the leadership and expertise to help you accelerate your cloud projects and initiatives.

Ever since Cloud based services and solutions were launched, we have been helping several small and medium businesses SMBs (fewer than 1000 employees) with executing a wide range of cloud projects and initiatives. Enterprise businesses have been adopting cloud services to meet a wide variety of business needs, starting with basic communication which-over time-led to advanced enterprise business processes and applications. Below are examples of such cloud initiatives:

Exafort has deep experience and technology leadership in cloud computing technologies. Our customers recognize the professional expertise and innovative technology and business solutions we bring to the table. Check-out our quick solutions, headache-free add-ons, productivity suites and customized services available to our customers today.

Cloud services and mobile applications

Over the last year we have seen a tremendous growth in the use of smart phones and tablet PCs by SMBs. And this growth is continuing to increase the number of mobile enterprise users. As a result, business-focused mobile apps have become a huge necessity, which is further fueled by data that live in the Cloud.

The current generation of workers are never without their mobile devices, which for a while they are already using to email and browse the web. Now they are looking for more structured, streamlined and well integrated business applications to do their job while on the move. Exafort has been focusing on building, integrating and enabling these CRM/ERP/BI analytics mobile apps for bringing data and information that live in the cloud to their finger-tips. These applications are becoming a 'must haves' for several of our customers.

Exafort can help you accelerate adoption of cloud in your company in an efficient and effective method using our years of expertise working with cloud technologies. Contact us for more information and accelerate your cloud adoption.